The regions where tourists can visit in Myanmar

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The regions where tourists can visit in Myanmar

Package Tour and F.I.T (Foreign Independent Traveller) can visits the following places without prior permission.

1. Kachin State
1.1. Myit-Kyi-Na (by flight or train)

1.2. Ho-Pin, Mo-Nyin and Mo-Gaung (by train) and then to Inn-Daw-Gyi (by water transport) 
*If want to go to Ho-Pin, Mo-Nyin and Mo-Gaung by water transport, prior permission is needed.

1.3. Kyain-Ka-Ran-Kha, Myit-Sone, Wine-Maw and War-Shaung which are the surrounding areas of Myit-Kyi-Na

1.4. Pu-Ta-O (only for package tours and need to inform the trip plan to Ministry of Hotel and Tourism in advance.)

1.5. Ba-Maw (by flight or by water transport) 
*If want to go by car, prior permission is needed.

2. Shan State
2.1. La-Sho (by flight, train or car)

2.2. Taung-Gyi, Inle, Pin-Da-Ya, Ka-Law, Yat-Sauk and Kakku (by flight, train or car)

2.3. Kyaing-Tong and Ta-Chi-Leik (only by flight)
*To/From Kyaing-Tong and Ta-Chi-Leik by car is allowed

3. Rakhine State
3.1. Sit-Twe, Myauk-Oo, Nga-Pa-Li, Than-Dwe, Gwa and Taung-Gote (by flight, water transport or car)

3.2. Nga-Thine-Chaung - Gwa to Kan-thar-yar and Pyi - Taung-Gote to Nga-Pa-Li by car is allowed

4. Mon State
4.1. Kyaik-Hti-Yoe, Kyaik-Hto, Tha-Hton, Kyaik-Ma-Yaw, Maw-La-Myaing, Ba-Lue Island,

Than-Pyu-Za-Yat and Kyaik-Kha-Me (by train, car or water transport)

5. Taninthayi Division
5.1. Myeik, Da-Wei, Maung-Ma-Kan and Kaw-Thoung (by flight or water transport)

5.2. Sa-Lon Island, Mee-Pya Island, Seik-Lu Island, Tha-Htay Island, Sa-Gaing Island and Min-Hla Island near Kaw-Thoung (with Entry Permit)

5.3. Koon-Thie Island, Su-La-Nge Island, Pa-Wae Island, La-Ngann Island, Lan-Pi Island,

Ma-Kyone-Ga-Lat Island, North Taw-Win Island, Phi-Lar Island, Nyaung-Whee Island,

South Taw-Win Island, Island No. 115, Hlaing-Gu Island, Na-Nat-Thee Island, Shwe-Kyun-Lay,

Myauk-Ni Island, Thu-Ye`-Kaung Islands Group, Auk-Kyun-Ni, Myin-Khwar Island (by water transport)

6. Yangon Division, Mandalay Division, Bago Division,  Magway Division and  Irrawaddy Division 
6.1. Can visit all places (by flight, train, car or water transport)

7. Sagaing Division
7.1. A-Laung-Taw-Ka-Tha-Pha, Phoe-Win-Taung, Mon-Ywa, Twin-Taung, Bu-Ta-Lin, Kyauk-Kar,

Yin-Mar-Pin and Yae-Shan-Twin (by car)

7.2. Khan-Dee (by flight or water transport)
*Not allow to go outside the city

7.3. Home-Ma-Lin (by flight or water transport)
*Not allow to go outside the city

7.4. Ka-Lay (by flight) 
*Only allowed to visit around 4 miles of the city

8. River cruise trips
8.1. Along Irrawaddy river: Mandalay - BaMaw - Mandalay, Mandalay - Bagan/Nyaung Oo - Mandalay,

Yangon - Mandalay - Yangon, Irrawaddy delta regions and Mawlamyaing - Pha_Ann - Mawlamyaing (by water transport)


Ministry of Hotel & Tourism 

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

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